Monday, 25 September 2017

Hollywood Box Office Report

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Here are the highest grossing Hollywood films from the weekend.

Format: Film - Weekend Gross - Total Gross - No.of weeks run

1⃣ Kingsman: The Golden Circle $39.0M $39.0M 1 
2⃣It $30.0M $266.3M 3 
3⃣The LEGO Ninjago Movie $21.2M $21.2M 1 
4⃣American Assassin $6.3M $26.2M 2 
5⃣Mother! $3.3M $13.4M 2 
6⃣Home Again $3.3M $22.3M 3 
7⃣Friend Request $2.4M $2.4M 1 
8⃣The Hitman's Bodyguard $1.9M $73.6M 6 
9⃣Stronger $1.7M $1.7M 1 
🔟Wind River $1.3M $31.7M 8 

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