Thursday, 20 October 2016

How To Get 30Gb on Airtel

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How To Get 30Gb On Your Airtel Sim Valid For 60days

Am pretty sure many of you are still rocking the Airtel 5gb data and for all those who missed out on the 5gb imei or are finding it very difficult to get a valid imei then this is another opportunity for you.
This is another Fresh imei and it gives you 30gb which is valid for 60 days. This is very simple and straightforward just like the 5gb IMEI. So if you missed out on the previous one then this is another opportunity for you to correct your mistake.

How To Get 30gb On Your Airtel Sim
=> Copy this 11 digits "86086103483".
=> Download imei analyser from this Link or open on your browser.
=> Paste the 11 digits IMEI you copied earlier into the provided box and add any 3 random digits of your choice to make it 14.
=> Click on check or calculate to get the last digit. 
=> Insert your sim card into any phone(even torch light phone will work).
=> Send an SMS "S(space)the 15 digits" to 232.
E.g. 860861034831345 to 232.
=> Once you get an SMS, just send join to 141.

That's all guys. If the IMEI is valid then you will receive the 30gb for 60days but if it's not then you just have to re tweak.

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