Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Microsoft May Soon Let Windows Mobile Users Change Default Browser After Redstone 2 Update

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The Microsoft edge browser didn't really meet up expectation as many users weren't trilled with the browser on both mobile and PC. The no of users who makes use of the browser has constantly dropped since it's initial launch. Microsoft on the other hand has literally tried to force windows users to use the app especially the mobile users by making it the default browser without an option to change it.
One of the most requested feature by the windows 10 mobile users is the ability to change the default apps and it seems like Microsoft is about to give them that. Although, In settings, the Microsoft Edge app now includes a button which reads "Change my default." Which ought to give users the ability to make a third party browser their default browser, but at the moment, this button actually does nothing.

There is a chance that Microsoft will include a feature which will let it's users switch the default browser on the Redstone 2 update which will be released next year. But let's not get too carried away as the  "Change my default" button on the Edge mobile app might just be as a result of code sharing with the desktop version of the browser as the desktop browser happens to come with this feature
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