Friday, 11 August 2017

Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch ⌚️

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Following its acquisition of Pebble last December, Fitbit has been rumored 👀 to be working on its own smartwatch ⌚️ for a release at some point this year.

We saw a couple renders of Fitbit's latest wearable back in May, but a new batch of images from Wareable shines new light 💡 on what to expect from the upcoming smartwatch.⌚️

Looking at the back of Fitbit's watch ⌚️, we can see that the metal body extends outward a bit from the rest of the watch - likely a design move to allow the built-in heart rate 💗 sensor to get more accurate readings.

The exact release date or price 💲 for Fitbit's smartwatch ⌚️ is not known, but the company did confirm to all Wareable that the watch ⌚️ is "on track and that it will be available for the holiday season."‼️
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